Guiding you through


Financial Settlement is one of the biggest concerns when a relationship breaks down. We encourage clients to reach a settlement out of court. Often this can be achieved through the mediation process. If this is not possible, we provide specialist advice on issuing any relevant or urgent applications to engage the Court's assistance.

We offer expert financial advice on the following:  

  • Sharing financial assets and the income portfolio
  • Should the family home and other investment properties be sold OR transferred
  • Should pension be shared
  • Whether inheritance should be taken into account
  • The effect management of buy outs and distribution of share capital on a settlement
  • How much, if any, maintenance should be paid to the former spouse and for what period of time
  • Whether bonuses or inheritance will impact the financial settlement 
  • Whether one party has made a larger contribution to the family finances during the marriage 
  • What happens to the family business 
  • Whether the conduct of the parties will impact their share of the settlement 

Hayman Solicitors aims to achieve the best financial settlement for you by taking care of your long term as well as your short-term goals.