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Children Law

At Hayman Solicitors we treat children as our “invisible” clients. We advise on all issues affecting children when a relationship breaks down. Their well-being is at the forefront of our minds and we are careful not to lose sight of their needs. 

We encourage our clients to communicate with each other in order to resolve any issues in relation to the children. Mediation often assists with issues in relation to contact and with whom a child should reside. Unless there are reasons, which may affect the children’s safety, security and stability, we feel that the children ought to build on a relationship with both parents. This paves the way for dealing with the breakdown amicably and sensitively.

Sadly, there may be circumstances in which the parties cannot agree. We advise and assist on making certain applications under the Children Act 1989. We provide specialist advice on contact, residence, specific issue and prohibited steps applications. These are also known as child arrangement orders. This would include making an application to the Court to decide whom the children should live with and how often they spend time with the absent parent. It could also cover issues such as, which school the children attend or whether they can accompany a parent on holiday. 

We also provide specific advice on shared residence and child arrangement applications.