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Civil Partnerships & Same Sex Couples

It has taken the law a long time to accommodate the realities of the modern world and afford same-sex partners similar, if not equal, rights as heterosexual partners. A major step forward in bridging this gap came in the form of The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, which received Royal Assent on the 17th of July 2013. 

The Act's primary rationale is to enable same-sex couples to marry and makes provisions about gender change for married persons and civil partners. The Act does not remove the availability of civil partnerships and allows civil partners to convert their relationship to a marriage. Same-sex couples can now elect to have a religious marriage ceremony (provided that the religious organisation concerned is in agreement) or a civil ceremony (in a register office or other approved premises).

For same-sex couples, equality has not yet been implemented in regards to pensions. 

There are different ways in which the Court can end a civil partnership including a dissolution order, a separation order and an annulment. Same-sex marriages are terminated by divorce. However, a civil partner cannot issue a Petition based on their partner's adultery.

Separating civil partners have the same financial legal remedies as divorcing couples. If you are in a civil partnership you have the rights to claim maintenance, lump sum payments, property transfer and pension sharing/ attachment orders. .

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