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Preparing for an initial consultation

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We know that going to see a lawyer regarding your possible divorce and financial settlement can be an extremely daunting experience. This blog post hopes to give you 5 top tips to help you best prepare for your initial consultation with us regarding your divorce and financial settlement.

1. Prepare a list of questions that you want to ask

Filing for divorce is a huge step and we know that you will have many unanswered questions. We believe that the best way to prepare for this is to keep a list of questions that you wish for your solicitor to answer. This will assist both yourself and your solicitor to get the most possible out of the initial appointment. 

2. Come prepared with any court documents that you wish for your solicitor to advise on

If your spouse has already filed for divorce and you have been served with the papers by the court, we advise that you bring these documents with you to your initial appointment. If your solicitor has sight of these documents, they will be better placed to advise you on the next steps in the proceedings.

3. Gather your financial documentation

The financial settlement is a huge concern to most people who are getting divorced. We therefore advise that before you attend the office to meet with a solicitor, you should try to gather as much financial documentation as possible and bring it to your meeting. This will help your solicitor to have a clear view of the assets of the marriage and help them be better placed to advise you on a financial settlement.

4. Bring a friend/relative with you if you are feeling anxious

We know that if you are considering a divorce, this is an extremely stressful and emotive time. We therefore advise that if you feel that you need support attending the office, you should bring a friend or relative with you to your initial consultation. 

5. Try to be as open and honest as possible with your solicitor

We aim to give you the best possible advice; however, this is only possible if you are open and honest with your instructions. If you provide full and frank instructions, we will be better placed to offer you clear advice.

At Hayman Solicitors, we offer a free 30-minute initial consultation. If you wish to book an appointment with one of the team, please call 01483 600 900.